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Social Media Optimization - SZI Technologies Pvt Ltd

Social Media Optimization abbreviated as SMO is the next big online marketing strategy. It is the product of a perfect marriage between social media and search engine optimization. In this Internet Age, if you are not updated and exist without addressing the vital issues of customer interaction and online visibility then soon you will become obsolete. This is where social media marketing comes to existence. SMO has become an integral part of overall digital marketing. It is the “Master Strategy” that when used can reap wonders.

SZI Technologies- Social Media Optimization Company Working Wonders

Everyday there are new products and services that are being launched. These products and services need to have their own presence in this competitive world. As search engines integrate real time search results, the impact of this form of marketing is rising. Unless you communicate and associate your brand with the audience, you will definitely lose the vantage point from where you can reap profits. SZI Technologies offer SMO services that are crucial to a company’s growth. As a social media marketing company in Kolkata, we offer world class service and the extra spice required to bring out the zing present in your product or service.

As one of the reputed social media marketing companies in India, we use the following techniques to deliver results:

  • • Social Bookmarking
  • • Social Profile Listing
  • • Blogging
  • • Photo Sharing
  • • Video Sharing
  • • Online Product Reviews
  • • RSS Feed Promotion
  • • Audio and Music Sharing
  • • Question and Answers

Social Media Marketing In Kolkata Has a New Name- SZI Technologies

There are many social media marketing companies in Kolkata, rather social media marketing agency in India. However, what makes us stand out in the crowd is our approach to SMO and our strategy to derive results. We offer a planned approach that is well-executed for reputation enhancement and better online presence. Social media marketing requires networking and regular maintenance. SZI Technologies delivers the following:

  • • Setting up profiles on social site for community building
  • • Regularly updating content on social media, tweaking good content for better optimization
  • • Implementing viral marketing ideas for more tags, shares and interaction
  • • Integrating blog, RSS, Tagging and other tools to make your brand website social network friendly
  • • Promoting website through paid and free advertisements on social network, and many more.