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What is Online Business Analysis?

Online Business Analysis & Strategy

Life in Storybrook is so much different than the life they used to live in the enchanted forest. Regina was evil, and Snow was purely White. However, in Storybrook, it is a different tale all together. Once upon a time is now, and they are living in a parallel universe. Now parallel universe is something that we are quite familiar with, aren’t we? No, we are not talking about Interstellar (We are still in awe btw!!). We are talking about virtual reality. Now the term ‘Virtual Reality’ is no longer a fictitious oxymoron. The online existence of this generation is considered as important as their real time lives.

There was a time when window shopping in Notting Hill was a thing. Thank God for that, or else how would Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant meet, right? Nowadays, you will find so much more online. The concept of display marketing, search marketing or digital marketing is what the world is going after. Even multimillion dollars apartments are being sold online. Apricots dipped in honey are no longer surreal, huh pretty woman??

The digital world is a huge world. It is not limited by square meters. The possibilities in this world are endless. In such a world, you need a friend who can take the current status of your business and push it so hard that it punches through the ceiling with the spirit of The Wolf of Wall Street. We, at SZI Technologies are ready to be your friend. SZI Technologies is one such company that has helped many organizations throughout the world. SZI Technologies might be headquartered in Kolkata, but we have overseas offices in US, UK and Australia. Thus, catering to a global client base becomes possible.


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Keyword Analysis & Keyword To Page Assignment – First Step To Digital Promotions

The world of business analysis has gone online too. They are much more convenient, and the pace of delivery is way faster than it used to be two decades back. Customers now tend to search for information online through search engines. This is where keywords analysis becomes important. Whoa!! Complications Alert!! Don’t worry. At SZI Technologies, these are the things we play with. At SZI Technologies, we use numerous keywords analysis tools including the Google keywords tool to check keywords. These keywords are then segmented into primary, secondary and focus keywords. Then we assign different pages to the specific keywords, to target ranking on SERP. We call it keywords to page assignments. Once this is done, we start working on the digital promotions using all possible channels, there by attaining the perfect digital marketing mix. We use a mix of digital marketing channels to optimize the scope of your business. The channels are researched and analyzed as carefully as Dexter used to identify who is next (The last season could have been so much better; Lumberjack?? Really??). The latest flavours of the phenomenon are social media optimizations, and we are talking business here. This is an area which needs to be handles very carefully. Things spread faster than wildfire, and act faster than Zorro in the social media world. On the other side, this will help you identify the exact target customers, and hit the bull’s eye (Make sure that you ride the bull, they make for a fun ride; just kidding). SZI Technologies is known to play this tune sweeter than the bagpiper of Danny Bhoy.


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Online business analysis yields certain results that need to be acted on. Growing a business is not child’s play. The roots of your business might be as strong as the Nemeton (we are still upset about Allison), but growing it into something that could house a secret closet to Narnia is something that SZI Technologies have been doing. So come to us, and experience the magic. We will make your business roar louder than Aslan and Godzilla combined.