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Being a content writer is like being Pinocchio, having a nose which elongated no sooner than he told a lie. But what will he do if he has to manage a situation? Well, he can of course mould and arrange the words in such a way that people find it liable and his nose does not get elongated as well. A writer dives into the pool of words and arranges them in such a way that the readers spend more time reading and re-reading their content. Human is the only species that has been blessed with power of words, now, it all depends on us how we make use of it. In fact this article itself, if written by someone else, will have a different vibe and meaning. However, being a content writer at in the SEO process is one of the most difficult tasks. SZI technologies being a digital marketing company mostly deals with the SEO related contents like web content, article and blog write ups etc.
Being a content writer is very different from being an author. An author has all the freedom to pen down his consciousness as and when it comes to them. To pen down the imagination and linking to real life experience is rather easier. Although, with all due respect to the authors and their imagination, but writing content for SEO is strictly restricted to few things. There is a word limitation, time limitations, and various clients demand various kinds of writings. Some prefer bold and vibrant content; some demand precise and concrete content, whereas other wants promotional and descriptive content. A content writer writes for different client satisfying each with their respective demands.
SZI technologies deal with 1200+ clients and each have their different specific requirements. Some just mention any specification. Therefore, it is not a work that we do here. We sit here in front of our computers, understanding what might make our clients happy, developing the content with our innovative ideas and finishing up writing a creative content.

Word Limitation

There are specific word limitation given by the client and the content writer will have put in the ideas within those word limits and make a readable and understandable content. In order to put forward an idea we need to have a proper story building, climax and the conclusion and often we have to finish all of these with a word limitation that is enough to suffice but not too much. We are like the little Pinocchio of SZI technologies, managing situation with perfect amalgamation of ideas and words.

Time limitation

There is a certain amount of content that we have to meet each day. Apart from the regular scheduled contents there often remain urgent requirements that have to be fulfilled. In spite meeting the urgency we have to make sure that the content that we provide are scan-able, understandable and keyword specific. This might sound tough but the efficient team of content writers at SZI Technologies are performing under these circumstances every day.
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Scan-able content

A good scan-able content has to have not more 3% keyword count. It is important that the introduction and the conclusion of the content have the keyword. The content has to be broken down under various sub headings or bullet point. Well, that’s not at all easy! However, people might argue saying that none of the works are easy in this world. That true, but give it a thought where a writer is a creative person has to cut down in many places in the name of SEO process. Therefore, being a content writer in the SEO process there are numerous limitations while we, the content writer of SZI Technologies overcome each day.


Variety of content with one keyword

Well, it doesn’t end here; we have to create 2 to 4 contents on one single topic and same keyword. We usually bring in variations by making an open search with the keyword on Google and get various ideas that different writers might have used. Say for example, we get a key word Japanese cuisine, we search on Google and we find benefits, variety and availability of Japanese cuisine across the world. We read the content and get the idea and reproduce it with our thoughts and variations. In order to avoid duplicity we read the article say in the morning and write about the topic in the evening. This helps us to maintain the quality of the content with zero duplicity.
SZI Technologies is one of the best content writing companies in Kolkata in terms of the variety of clients they deal with. Any technical or web content writer can have the best exploration in this company. Regardless, of the fact that there are many clients and they come with different types of terms and conditions in content writing, the content writer also get the facility to explore their ideas in some place or the other. Where one client is particular about his requirements, the content writers learn to write a presentable and acceptable content within those limitations. On the other hand there are clients are too casual about their requirement, the content writers in this case get the opportunity to experiment with their own thoughts and ideas.