Top Tips for Promotional Success on LinkedIn


The first thing to know is: Who use LinkedIn?

In the contemporary times, LinkedIn has a great influence in Asia, especially India and China are the best marketing pits of LinkedIn after the United States.

Here are the top tips regarding how to use LinkedIn for better marketing success.


  • Do your Personal branding
  • Company branding is necessary
  • Content marketing is similarly important
  • Social selling is must


This is how you should begin your marketing strategy:

  1. It is about your profile photograph

The thing is that more genuine you are then it is more effective for your marketing strategy. You can add a little smiley along with a red or silver background but do not put the picture of Johnny Depp.

However, do not chop your head or use Shutterstock images. On the other hand, try to resist putting photos with animals or party images. It creates a negative impact on the visitor if they see pictures of sexual context or if you try to be overly creative in your photo.

Only if you can get your photograph right then it increases the views by 14 times than before.


  1. The fact about background picture

It is very important that your background image conveys the message of your brand to create a good impact on the viewer. It is better if the background image depicts the logo of your brand and you are standing before it with a smile on your face.


On the other hand, it is very bad if use some violent or disturbing image as your background. Also, it is better to not use the simple default backgrounds that are given as an option to choose from.


  1. The “Profile Headline” factor


Like Google and Youtube, LinkedIn can also be used as a search engine with good and perfect keywords.

In order to make the best use of this feature, it is best to fill the career and the header with as many keywords as possible for the best pulling off the viewers.

The thing is you are actually branding yourself and that is why it is necessary to communicate through the words you use here.

Furthermore, your profile headline appears everywhere you are commenting, sharing as well as posting, so it is necessary to remain ahead with a perfect headline in your profile.

However, it is best to avoid headlines like “I am hot or headline like “I am single”.


  1. It is best to mix both for enhancing maximum employer branding

In places like Hong Kong, Singapore, people like to choose regarding whom they want to work for. The reality is that they want to work for someone who has the aspects of a leader as well as the company they would like to work for.

The best example of this thing is the profile page of Ali Bullock who is the social media manager and sponsorship of Infinity Formula One.

Hence, make sure to do the things right, since marketing is the most important thing here.

Find SZI Technologies in Linkedin and see how we promote or brand our business.