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SZI Technologies

Like any digital marketing company SZI Technologies too has gone through its highs and lows during different times. The business has its base at Sector 5, Kolkata and also in USA along with that. Since then, the company has matured in its business process. We have come a long way since the commencement in 2010. Every step since then has been a great learning experience. A small business comprising just 20 odd executives working as a team, the company has grown up to flourish in all directions. The wobbly toddling steps soon became confident strides that are taking the company to a direction, in which it can gain an exceptional amount of strength.

The field of digital marketing is evolving every day. The company that has proper work force to keep pace with the evolving and ever modifying process of digital marketing survives the world of stiff competition. This company and its talented pool has managed to remain among the top notch companies in telecommunication and outsourcing services.

We have an array of services on offer for our clients. You can get yourself enlisted among the list of our clientele. The talented group of people working for our company is always ready to serve all their clients with the utmost level of sincerity. You are free to select the kinds of services depending on your budget, need and market trend. The wide array of business that we provide our clients with can be divided into some major sections.

All these services are designed to fulfill all requirements of a client exactly the way he wants it to happen. You can assuredly receive assistance for all the associated services.

Telecommunication Services: Telecom service in this case is associated with marketing, sales, outsourcing processes, etc. There are situations in which different companies plan to outsource certain required services because they do not have enough in house resource to complete the process of work at the lowest time and fastest speed.

Digital Marketing:

1. SEO Solution: It is not easy finding the ideal search engine optimization company for succeeding in the market where cut throat competition often thwart many dreams. With limited financial resources, it is very difficult keeping a team of online marketing professionals or SEO to keep the business buoyed up among several other organizations dealing in similar kinds of services. In most of the cases, SEO services are organic digital marketing processes, where we reach out to clients mostly though organic search process. The skills of our SEO professionals are something you can rely on, for this purpose.

 2. Paid Marketing: Paid marketing is also a service that we offer to all our clients. This is one marketing solution that has gained immense popularity lately. SZI Technologies has a group of experts who can take care of the paid marketing service for your business with complete dedication.

  3. Outbound and Inbound Calling Services: Telemarketing undoubtedly is among the most vital services that we offer to our clients. The motto of the in-house service providers in our company is to convert all these sorts of calls into sales. You can hire our outbound and inbound call center service to use them as your business outsourcing service.

 4. Mobile App Development: The different apps our experts create for mobiles with different operating systems.

 5. Website Development: Website created for a profitable or non-profitable organization usually has a purpose of either offering information to the businesses existing and prospective clients or the core marketing aims to attract as many potential clients as possible.

 6. E-Commerce Solutions: Creating websites for e-commerce websites is no joke. The trained and certified website development experts working for this company make sure that you receive a very user-friendly e-commerce websites that all the customers to this site simply enjoy easy navigation process through all the pages on a site.

7. Online Reputation Management: Online reputation management is a kind of online marketing tool that allows the business, lower in the search engine ranks shoot up immediately to feature in the first few results.

8. Content Writing Services: Any website cannot survive well without enough support from informative and grammatically sound content on every web page. Text on a site has twofold benefits. Firstly, it informs people about the business’s functioning. Secondly, it has the power to push the target audience towards this business.

9. Social Media Optimization Service: The present day businesses of any nature can never survive with effective assistance from the world of social media. Different social media platforms are perfect for attracting a large group of prospective clients to the service or product that a business offers.

Our company has the expertise and experience in making any sort of a business, successful. Your business’s distance from the summit of victory is covered by our smart execution of all online marketing related services.