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SZI Technologies Tells You Why You Need a Blog for Proper Promotion

A debate is always on regarding the fact whether blogging is still relevant in the present scenario of digital marketing or not. In the social media marketing environment, the importance of blogs actually has not completely finished off as its requirement has started showing up in a completely different manner. Regardless of the fact whether the business is a small one or a large organization, blogging is still an integral part of the online marketing aspect of a particular business, its products or services. Any SEO agency, including SZI Technologies would agree that proper internet marketing of a particular product is not possible without effective support from quality blogs.

There are 4 very basic reasons, for which blogs are very important, viz.

  • Driving traffic to the business website
  • Increase efforts in the SERP and SEO of the business
  • Position the brand as a leader among its competitors
  • Make customer relationship better through your blogs

The internet marketing experts at SZI Technologies work keeping all these important aspects of blogging in their mind.

content marketing kolkata


Drive maximum traffic towards the site:

A blog offers you the opportunity to curate relevant and informative content for the target customers of the company. This opportunity can be the ideal marketing strategy for bringing as much traffic as possible to the website promoting your business. The blog on your website can be the foundation for all the social media profiles you have in different platforms. SZI Technologies has some of the very skilled people who are privy to the marketing process on these platforms. The SEO experts working for this SEO agency in Kolkata are always ready to extend their support towards the clients’ business for effective digital marketing of their business.

You might have your business page on different social media sites like, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Make sure that you post links of the blogs along with visuals relevant to the business on different social network platforms. Your social followers should get a perfect reason to click through and go to your website. Apart from that, you also get a chance to post directly, all inbound links in the blogs. Your aim should be to drive traffic to different landing pages on your website. Post inbound links on the blog section of the site and drive the largest group of traffic to a particular landing page of a website. Even in the era of social media promotion, the most skilled SEOs depend a lot on perfect blogging system. SZI Technologies is an SEO company in Kolkata that has many employees with several years of experience in creating effective SEO strategies for different businesses.

Google and different other search engines allow you to chronically update and optimize content on the site whenever that seems to be necessary. Website content is static elements of the page that cannot be transformed or not even the simplest element of change can be made there in any possible way. Keeping all other important factors constant, Google and different other search engines prefer pushing up the domain that has fresh and well-optimized content in them, to go up. You can update content frequently on a blog to modify and optimize it in the best manner. Apart from updating relevant content, you also get to link the blog to a relevant web page. The experienced digital marketing experts at SZI Technologies are involved in the promotion of the products of their clients. They make sure that their clients can reach out to as many of their customers as possible.

The moment a post on the blog section is updated, Google finds a particular link from a blog post to the website page. Google prefers new and fresh content for on a particular web page or the domain while ranking for they are all fresh content. The dedicated team of content writers working for SZI Technologies tirelessly engage themselves in the process of writing relevant, dynamic content for the businesses of the clients.

Improve SERP rank or SEO:

There is no doubt about the fact that blog posts have a great role to play in enhancing the effect of SEO. Fresh content has no effective substitute in leaving your competitors behind in the SERP ranks. Keywords are very important for articles posted on the site. You need to create a list of topics, keywords and also the categories that you require the business to remain. Keywords and related expressions must be used frequently while writing the post. Proper utilization of keywords is something the content writers of SZI Technologies are capable of doing quite efficiently.

Whether you put in your effort in the process or not, regular blogging about the business, its products, the industry it belongs to, its customers, lifestyle, etc enhance search results by multiple times. Both, topics and keywords on the website make a significant method for Google and different other search engines to find the site for different searched words.

Content, as it always was, is still the KING. Doing proper SEO or internet marketing of a particular domain is very difficult without the help of an interesting Blog.