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Smart Phones Devices! Yes the Future of Digital Marketing

Smart Phones Devices Hold the Future of Digital Marketing

With the advent of smart phones, the usage of desktop computers to go online has become almost obsolete. Smart devices like the mobile phones and tablets are used by the vast majority today to go on the social media, surf the internet, and most importantly – shop online. The usage of these mobile devices has quite interestingly surpassed the use of the traditional desktop systems, which has, for obvious reasons, become the latest weapons of all the marketers to strategically engage the customers and enhance the sales.

Reasons of the Immense Popularity of Mobile Devices for Marketing

  • Mobile devices engage people more – As per a survey, people spend more time on their mobile phones than they actually do on the desktops, and this number is increasing with every passing year.
  • Expenditure on the mobile ads will increase – According to a study, the future of mobile ads seems extremely promising with nearly 60.4% of the total digital marketing expenditure being allotted towards the mobile ad campaigns.
  • Mobile ads give better performance – A survey shows that mobile ads showcase better performance than the normal online ads by 4 to 5 times.
  • Search before shopping – The people using mobile devices to shop are actually highly motivated buyers, who spend more time to search for the product of their needs. Thus, the different ads by the marketers at this juncture would prove to be extremely beneficial.

What is the Functionality of Mobile Advertising?

The enhanced features of the Google AdWords campaign can be used to specify if the ads can be redirected to the mobile devices. They are extremely similar to the other types of ads and can be available in both text and image format.

They can further be categorized into the High-end and the WAP ads where the high-end mobile ads use the full browser capabilities to zoom in and out and the WAP ads are limited to the two lines of text.

What is needed to make a Business Mobile-Friendly?

  • A mobile-friendly Website – This is extremely important. The consistency of the mobile device must be maintained across all the platforms, starting from the desktop to the mobile devices. For this, the look and feel and user interactivity must also be well enhanced.
  • An App Development Must be considered – It goes without saying that the majority of the people are more dependent on the apps on their mobile devices rather than the mobile websites. Thus, considering the marketing prerogative the mobile apps must be developed.
  • Research must be conducted – Google’s Consumer Barometer is by far the best place to start off. This is helpful to compare the different digital trends and data analysis all around the world with better graphs and diagrams.


Thus, it can evidently be concluded with the fact that good backup of data and supporting documents, the importance of marketing on the different mobile devices can never be denied irrespective of what the circumstances are. It is just a matter of poise and patience on behalf of the team.

Summary: The future holds a bright prospect of the mobile devices being utilized for the purpose of digital marketing. Thus, it is extremely important to understand what 2017 holds for us in the matter and how we should proceed. Read on.

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