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70% of mobile traffic is expected from video in 2021

Mobile Traffic from Video

It is not a surprise anymore that video traffic is growing with the passage of every month. However, a new survey states that it will be the dominant origin of traffic in upcoming years.  A recent report from ‘Ericsson Mobility Report’  states that video will have the dominant share of ...

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Top Indirect Ways to Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Top Indirect ways to improve search engine ranking final

  Whenever we are discussing search engine optimization or SEO then keyword integration or backlinks are something that always comes along with it. Yes, it is true and the fact backlinks and keyword optimization can be the most important components behind search engine ranking of your website. On the other ...

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Top Tips for Promotional Success on LinkedIn


The first thing to know is: Who use LinkedIn? In the contemporary times, LinkedIn has a great influence in Asia, especially India and China are the best marketing pits of LinkedIn after the United States. Here are the top tips regarding how to use LinkedIn for better marketing success.   ...

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Brand as a much viable approach than targeting keywords

Run After Brand Not After Keywords

As of the latest SEO strategy is concerned, the focus on keyword based optimization is getting extinct, as individuals are witnessing the resurgence of the long tail keyword. Keywords once meant to play pivotal role in making a campaign successful. Google collected data about a site which was completely based ...

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Create BUZZ WITH Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy Buzz

Gone are the days when social media networks were used only to promote brands or create a buzz. Social media has come a long way to establish itself as a strong platform what can boost every business’s bottom line. Nowadays, social media networking works tandem with various other business strategies ...

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Google Says Mobile Friendly SEO Ranking To Be Boosted In May 2016

Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update last April was like a nightmare for search engine professionals and webmasters.  Several SEO professional in various forums have discussed about this algorithm update and most of them have come to a conclusion that it is time to do mobile-friendly websites and optimize them accordingly. This ...

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  We all love free information and free information rules the customers. This is the reason why blogging is one of the superlative options in carrying about content marketing. This is the reason which made blogging more and more popular in the domain of content marketing. According to various SEO ...

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