On-Page SEO- 5 Must Know Techniques

On-Page SEO- 5 Must Know Techniques

On-Page SEO- 5 Must Know Techniques

Are you novice to blogging and don’t know how to implement On-page SEO? Worry not, since you are not alone. There are many people who just lay their hands on blog but don’t know how to optimize a blog post. Let’s help you out and make your post keyword rich to drive more traffic with some important SEO Techniques. With such tips, you will make it easier for search engines to index your post for a specific keyword. However prior to starting the guide let’s get accustomed with Search Engine Optimization.

Frankly speaking, no matter how higher your rank in major search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. the greater is the scope of getting maximum traffic. Search Engine Optimization is a significant feature of your website since it makes your website more visible and easier to apprehend by both the users and search engines.

  1. Permalinks that are SEO friendly

Whenever you are optimizing your URL, it is important to aim at using the post keyword right at the beginning of your post URL. Permalink must feature only the alphabets and numeric devoid of any brackets, special symbols, commas & question marks etc.

    2. Page Title
The page titles are one of the most effective On-page SEO factors on your website. The titles really play a significant role in Search engine indexing since it decides whether or not whether or not your post would rank for a specific keyword. Ensure that you are using your keyword or phrase in post Title. Make sure you are using the keywords in the beginning of the post title and there should not be any repeat of keyword in post title.

    3. Heading Tags

If your content contains headings or sub-headings, it is important to use H1, H2, H3, H4 tags etc to highlight the important points. These tags help in highlighting the vital points. The tags help in finding the main theme of your post and the points you have talked about in your post. Mind it, the heading tags work in a hierarchical order.

    4. Image Optimization

Every image you will be inserting in your post must have a title and description. Hence it is imperative to treat your image as a post title followed by optimizing it with your keyword. It would be better if you could include the keyword in your image since that tends to drive maximum traffic. Hence make sure you are adding image name followed by alt text and descriptions in your image with all the targeted keywords.

    5. Inbound & Internal links
Inbound or internal linking is synonymous with linking to another related post of your blog. Linking not just enhances your site but send traffic to another post. This decrease the bounce rate as the user tends to spend maximum amount of time on your website. Also, it helps the user to navigate throughout the website smoothly. While linking with another blog post, make sure you use keyword rich anchor text, since it looks more natural and generic to Google & other search engines for a specific keyword.

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