Make Your Visual Content More Engagin

Online Engagement Depends Largely on Visual Content

Make Your Visual Content More Engagin

This is the era of digital marketing in which, success of a product or any business depends largely on the level of engagement. What many people still do not understand about the basics of digital marketing is that visual content has a huge bearing on the level of social engagement and as a result, perfect online marketing among the largest group of people. There are a number of pretty easy-to-handle procedures and tools for creating engaging visual content that not only attract a group of viewer but engage them too.

We can help you out discovering visual content and boost social engagement.

  1. Animated GIF:


The present Generation GIF or Millenials (people who have reached young adulthood during 2000). A few publications like Gawker, BuzzFeed, Deadspin, the front pages of Tumblr, Reddit can allow you to check out the ideal example of GIFs.


The present day animated GIFs expand all marketing channels to increase chances of the content to go viral on Reddit or Tumblr. Some major blog sites and publications pick up content from these platforms. Tools are also available for creating animated GIFs. Just have a look at a few of such tools that are ideal for your use.


‘MakeaGif’ is one free online tool, which assists you creating animated GIFs with the help of YouTube videos, images, web camera videos, uploaded videos, etc. This tool also supports modifying an old GIF.


GIFYT is another tool that assists you creating very high quality YouTube videos. This free tool helps you selecting a part of the video to transform it into a GIF and then add a caption to that. Checking out a few GIFs created with the help of GIFYT can let you see the actual effect.


  1. Installing/ Sharing Button of On-Hover:


There are situations in which readers plan to share images. However, they often do not know exactly in what way the thing should be done. In other situations, they simply forget to share images. A simple call to action of mouseover can encourage a share that also prompts more shares from the site visitors.


WWM Social Share on Image Hover is a plugin that allows the users to do mouseover share. This tool allows you to automatically put buttons on all the images that the viewers are able to share them instantly. This procedure is an astoundingly effective way of increasing engagement. You can see mouseover buttons for sharing in action on this link, ( Click herefor more plugins and add or share image options by mouseover.


  1. Emotional Connection:


Being able to connect with your audience on an emotional level can actually leave a very deep and lasting impact on the inter-personal relationship. If something manages to spark a very emotional response, there is a higher chance that the viewer might share the content, comment on it and also remember it for a long period of time.


Nice visuals are very important for the purpose of high level of sharing. It is a natural human instinct to respond to what they view. Visual representation has a deeper impact compared to any other form of stimulus. In order to connect emotionally with users, they start associating all feelings with a particular brand.


Fracti researches  say that two of the most engaging emotions to provoke sharing are (1) the element of surprise and (2) positive feelings like interest, joy, trust, anticipation, etc.


  1. Celebrate Holidays:


Starting from National Book Lovers’ Day to National Hamburger Day, any quite an unusual holiday is quite difficult to resist. They make a great source of visual content for the right amount of inspiration. You must be able to create a striking image almost regularly.

Coca-Cola is among the companies that do a great job in terms of banking on a few unusual holidays for effective social media marketing. The posted the images of some very cute animals to celebrate the National Polar Bear Day.

In order to find out unusual holidays, check out this list

  1. Viewers Can Contribute:


There is no need to always use visuals in your own stock for capturing the attention of all viewers. Just flip your script and request all your viewers to contribute images. People enjoy seeing their work being promoted by an established brand. This makes them enjoy the complete appreciation.


Ask all your viewers to submit photographs, logos, designs, drawings and everything else suiting your product. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc are certain apt platforms for such a style of campaign. You can consider two very easy-to-implement visual content ideas that are very effective in engaging the audience to create loads of visual content relevant to the brand.


Caption Contest:


Just publish quite an interesting image on any platform and invite readers to offer funny or interesting captions. There is a provision to use Facebook ads for inviting more people to join in. Foodler ( runs a caption contest on the Facebook page of the company.


Selfie Contest:


There are many brands that are embracing the idea of selfie contest. Kenneth Cole’s contect even allowed their fans a chance to win free shoes every month for the best selfie, throughout a year.


There are a number of important goals that a selfie contest might serve. They encourage people to get into the action and that is why it is spread very fast. Selfies are personal stuff that many participants get engaged in and are also supported by their friends through likes and comments. Such kinds of contests build trust as you can see others sharing their love for creative and visual content. This process makes it quite easier for customers to trust the brand and all its messages.


  1. Effects of Interactive:

If you have plans to show the customer proper ways of using a particular product through a visual guide that can relate to your brand, you need to transform the content into a very engaging one that can even become your brand asset. Whatfix is a tool that allows you making interactive how-to videos almost in minutes. These are customizable content that are even very easy to use. You can check out certain examples of Whatfix-powered content (!flows/popularity/).

  1. Make Your Visual Content Suit Your Audience:


How a group of audience responds to a visual content depend largely on the type of audience and their taste. It is you who is supposed to find out what type of content can resonate best with the kind of audience you have. Start the process with creating visual content of different types and also start releasing them on different social media platforms. Just create videos, comics, slide shows, infographics or any other element with a visual impact. Even a single-shot image with certain text overlays must be there. If you have plans for creating editorial calendar of the next month, just check out how many visual assets can each content that you publish is actually able to generate. The ideal examples of them are,


  • Transform a particular how-to guide into a video.
  • While tweeting visual quotes throughout a few weeks, try collecting tweets through a visually appealing SlideShare presentation.
  • Instructographic of a how-to video is the modern form of engaging content.
  • You can turn your SlideShare presentation into a GIF (with support of the tool, GifDeck) or video.

One content is capable of generating a huge amount of visual assets. You should just accumulate a whole lot of stand-alone images to curate a complete visual asset.

As you begin with the process of marketing visual assets, accumulate information about what social networks or style of visuals can get the maximum amount of engagement. It is important to find out which visual content can bring in the maximum number of click-troughs that even lead to purchase. Try to find out which visual content gets the maximum share and on what platform.

There is the engagement analytics software called Fanplayr ( that helps you identifying all emerging patterns. You can use all these information to tailor a visual content into what audience can respond to.


Visual content is very popular on any social platform like YouTube, Twitter GIF, etc. A growing impact of visual-only social networks, such as Pinterest, Instagram is also there in the world of digital marketing. In order to boost engagement, use such tactics that can help you getting more from the visual content.