Local SEO Ranking: Factors That Will Affect Ranking in 2016


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As per a recent SEO study conducted by Local SEO Guide, a lot of factors including Google My Business (GMB) will play distinctive roles in local SEO ranking. So, it is the responsibility of every SEO professional to prepare a strategy to retain good ranks and push the 2nd page ranking to the front page.

Top Local SEO Ranking Factors

Links to website

Links are the key aggressive differentiator even when it comes to Google My Business rankings. A lot of trust towards a business depends on the links received from GMB listing.

Website Signals

As per the study, it can be concluded that if the website ranks high in search engine result page then it is quite obvious that the GMB listing will rank high. Traditional ranking influences the ranking of Google My Business page or listing and is considered to be the most talked about factor among SEO professionals across the globe.

Google My Business Signals

It is a common thing that the signals within the Google My Business page influence the ranking factors of a website. Signals like business reviews, images and pages linked with the owner verified profile help in ranking. One of the most successful and popular ranking factors is having keywords in the GMB page.

Toolbar PageRank

We all know that the concept of PageRank is dead or obsolete now. But the overall citations don’t matter that much. Once the matter is placed, move on to another more important stuff.

Factors… not so critical

Citations and GEO text on the website are not so important ranking factors as per latest study. Using state, city in the Meta title ended up to have an extremely poor correlation with the ranking positions on Google My Business pages.

Wrapping up

The study emphasizes all the way through that links were beyond a doubt the dominant local SEO ranking factor. Next is the website signal which really affects ranking. SEO professionals must prioritize all these factors and prepare strategies for local SEO for 2016. As we all know that SEO is a changing process and we have to upgrade our strategies according to every change. We have to stay alert and monitor the changes and keep our SEO plans up-to-date. Only this is how we can retain the current rankings of websites and also push the rankings in the 2nd or 3rd pages so that they appear in the front page of leading search engines.

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