Content 5 factor in 2016 SZI Technologies

Insights to Content Marketing For 2016

Content 5 factor in 2016 SZI Technologies

With the fresh vibe of New Year still picking our excitement, we understand that content marketers are hovering over different ideas to hunt strategies that will make this year more fruitful. Furthermore, digital marketing experts have also found out through a survey about the ways that could bring more engagement with the target audiences through best and optimized content.


Designing for Multiscreen


It has been known that on an average most consumers use five different types of digital devices and this came to an amount of 83 percent who are in the habit of using 2.23 devices at the same moment. Also, according to a report from a survey it has been noted that 80 percent are connected, 81 remain entertained, 76 percent are the productive users and the rest 46 percent are distracted. Moreover, consumers have voted mostly towards the display for better content experience and the lesser audience went towards the good design and pleasant layouts.


The Too Long and Boring Factor

In the contemporary times, people normally do not have lots of patience to go through long contents. The thing is length is a factor that should be considered as content with lots of words is something that normally people tend to avoid. It was also reported through a survey that nine out of the ten users diverted their attention to something else after viewing a long content about a service they were searching.


Humor is a sly path to avail


Near to seventy percent, or more people have agreed to the fact that “humor” does make the reader to keep reading the content. Since, when you can touch the emotions of a person, he or she will surely want to know the thing that did it. However, content should be more friendly as well as interesting to hook the attention of the viewer. Moreover, it was also found that making the readers laugh is the top motivator for the intent for sharing content.


Trustful Content

Authenticity and trust are must as this is the era of skepticism and therefore earning trust is very important. Most consumers are highly skeptical regarding the authenticity of content. The numbers of consumers have increased and nowadays they find it hard to trust the reviews posted. Most people now wonder if the writers have been paid to post good reviews also, judging an article an article if it is biased. In this case, the positive solution is to develop good relationship with the consumers so they believe that it is a valid source of content they are looking at.


Coming Uninvited is Bad

In a survey, it has been noted that the vast amount of the percentage understands the importance of predictive recommendations and are willing towards sharing a piece of their information. On the other hand, many people have agreed to predictive recommendations based on past behaviours of brands. The percent of people who wants that asking permission is best for their personal reasons is comparatively low. However, it is the engagement procedure that should not be too imposing towards the consumer.

These factors are the best points to remember before prepping up your content marketing strategy. Since the intent is to pick on their curiosity not dull it with tons of words.