How Real Estate Companies in Kolkata Using Paid Ads on the Internet

Real estate market in Kolkata has received a significant growth for the last few years. The credit of it defiantly goes to the digital marketing strategies used by real estate companies in Kolkata. Using the best strategies and channels of display networks, digital networks and social media networks, property developers in Kolkata have attracted a large number of audiences and introduced them their desired properties. To reach them easily at the least possible time, property developers in Kolkata have utilized the best strategies of paid marketing and paid advertising. With the aid of display ads, PPC ads and social media ads, they have been capable of reaching a huge number of people, even crossing the interface of their territories. As the consequence of it, a significant number of customers from outside of India have purchased their dream homes in Kolkata. To ensure maximum sales promotion and higher conversion rate optimization, they have prepared well written ad copy, encapsulating their products, services and USPs. With a short term yet substantial paid digital marketing approach, they have been highly successful to reach their target market and targeted audience. They are highly successful in getting maximum return on their investment.


Display Networks

To communicate people across all devices and various media platforms, they have used Google display and other display ads. Their endeavor is to connect their target audience more efficiently, featuring an effective combination of proper placement and perfect contextual reach. Using the largest global network and perfect audience targeting tools, they can ensure a vast reach.

 Digital networks

With this digital marketing approach, they use pay per click ad model so that their ads come on the SEPRs (search engine result pages) of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It has helped many people find their desired properties with their least possible efforts.

Social Media Ads

With the popularity of social media platforms, huge number audience comes on the platforms of social media giants like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  Utilizing the Facebook ads, they have been capable of reaching a huge number of customers using this platform across the globe.