How google select bad quality site

How Google Selects Lower Quality Sites?

How google
A website can lose traffic quite easily, if ranking scores of the links to this particular site are below an acceptable level. Such a patent can provide quality score to resources with link to a particular website. Google counts the number of resources in every individual group by determining the quality of link and its quality score for that particular site with the help of the number of different resources in every resource quality group.


It determines the fact that the score of link quality is below the threshold level of the same. Being marked as a low quality score website can ultimately result in the decrease of ranking score for the search result by the amount based on the site’s link quality score by following a particular formula mentioned in the patent.


This patent focuses of certain points that can ultimately lead to low quality score based mainly on links that point to your website. This process can often lead to having boilerplate content and in other cases, links from irrelevant material from the same sites, pointing to your own site. Getting more links like these can result in making your website a “low quality” one labeled almost permanently.


It is indeed quite difficult to say whether such a kind of patent has already become effective or whether it at all has any impact. There are certain kinds of articles reading which might leave you confused whether Google has brought all details described in the patent into effect or not.  is one of the links containing such kind of content.

Linked to from Boilerplate

There are certain types of content that are considered boilerplate content. This particular genre can also include sidebar content, footer text that hardly add any value to the pages of a site and in most cases are copied from one page to another. This can even involve copyright notices and also links to sitemaps and different other things. Google sees the act when somebody links to another website from boilerplate sections of the site pages as the indication of low quality of a particular site being linked to it.

Diversity Filtering

The related patent has also concentrated on a particular type of element called Diversity Filtering. This particular process is important in discarding all resources providing typically redundant information to a link quality engine. If the site offers a particular resource linking to a particular website, and it does that on multiple pages, Google can count only one of the links and discard the rest. It even counts all the filtered links against that site as the indication of low quality site.

Advantages of The Patent:

Here is little information about the advantage of this patent described by the inventor of the same.

  1. A particular search system is able to determine the link quality score for a website with the help of distribution of the resource quality score of particular resources that link to the website.
  2. The particular search system can determine the website as a low quality one provided its link quality score is below threshold level.
  3. While offering search results, the particular search system can even decrease its ranking score of a particular website already classified as low quality site that can even result in high quality websites being offered to users despite lower quality of the sites.


The patent:

“Classifying sites as low quality sites”

Publication number        US9002832 B1

Publication date               Apr 7, 2015

Filing date                          Jun 4, 2012

Priority date                      Jun 4, 2012

Inventors                           Rajan Patel, Zhihuan Qiu, Chung Tin Kwok

Original Assignee             Google Inc.

Abstract of the Patent:

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for enhancing search results. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a resource quality score for each of a plurality of resources linking to a site/ Each of the resources is assigned to one of a plurality of resource quality groups, each resource quality group being associated with a range of resource quality scores, each resource being assigned to the resource quality group associated with the range encompassing the resource quality score for the resource.


The number of resources in each resources quality group is counted. A link quality score is determined for the site using the number of resources in each resource quality group. If the link quality score is below a threshold link quality score, the site is classified as a low quality site.

Take Away

This particular patent is one of a kind and this is the only one from the archives of Google that concentrates on reducing the rankings of sites based simply on a low score for the low quality of the site. The latest Penguin and Panda updates from Google also do similar work. There are other updates too that deal with low quality score.