Mobile Friendly Update in Month May 20136

Google Says Mobile Friendly SEO Ranking To Be Boosted In May 2016

Mobile Friendly Update in Month May 20136

Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update last April was like a nightmare for search engine professionals and webmasters.  Several SEO professional in various forums have discussed about this algorithm update and most of them have come to a conclusion that it is time to do mobile-friendly websites and optimize them accordingly. This literally means that websites which are not responsive or mobile-friendly will be penalized by the search engine GIANT.

It was April, 2015 when this update rolled-on and caught attention of webmasters and developers across the world. We have witnessed a lot of movements across mobile search engine result page since then, especially in terms of organic ranking. Since then, it has become a mandatory thing for all developers to work on mobile or responsive websites to boost organic rank.

Mobile-Friendly Boost is what Google is Roaring About

With another announcement regarding mobile ranking boost webmasters have started thinking about the effect of mobile friendly ranking signal. In the announcement it has been clarified that all the websites which are built mobile-friendly will not get penalized or will not be impacted by the algorithm update.

In simple words, if you are mobile-friendly, you are safe. And if not then face the consequences.

One example of mobile-friendliness degree, as per Google, can be checked comparing the responsive design and other issues of two different websites. It is quite common that Google will not run two different sets of ranking – one for desktop version and another for mobile version. Hence, it is important that all websites are responsive. In fact, this decision of Google is a new cause to motivate businesses which are still relying on traditional websites. It is high time to switch to mobile-friendly or responsive websites.

Technically speaking it will be easy for search engine professionals as well to optimize a responsive website. So, with perfect content added in the website and duly optimized done it will not be that difficult to see good search engine result page (SERP) rank report in the following months. We can now say that it is time to go MOBILE to support Google’s algorithm update. If you are not following the trend then wait to see the dramatic change in the next rank report. Most of the keywords will start shuffling and in most cases they will vanish. Take a pause and start thinking smartly! Go mobile and achieve your goal.

Oh yes! Don’t forget to follow the updates Google are releasing. This will also help in boosting organic ranking of your mobile-friendly websites as well.


Seeing your website ranking in the front page of Google is everyone’s dream. But it is no easier with so many algorithm updates by Google. One such update being the mobile-friendly algorithm released in April, 2015. In order to get high ranking in search engine result page, it is now essential that websites are responsive and follow Google’s guidelines. Add content in your website and get it optimized and wait for the result if it is responsive. If not, then it is high time to make it responsive.