Content for Mobile Device

A Fruitful Guide to Content Marketing for Mobile

Content for Mobile Device

In the recent times, there have been lots of articles on optimizing websites for mobile which is in a way have instigated us to get on board with this great idea. However, the fact still remains hazy regarding the ways of how we can optimize a website for mobile from a content marketing perspective?

What can be done for the best profitable result?


  • By bringing technical change


Since we are very much aware of the fact that Google has strengthened the power of mobile-friendly site signal to add site speed then we should adhere to it. This is the first and the most important technical change that is necessary for mobile optimization.


  • The seriousness of “Micro-moments”


Also, it is very important to make sure that the content is being optimized for mobile.

In order to commence a content marketing strategy, it is better to think of specific time schedule and ensure to match the time with the days of the week, keeping in tally with the traffic. In that case, you can actually know whether your traffic comes from smartphones so it is better to write a mobile-focused blog post.

After you come to know the mobile peak times then you need to publish the content at that time for a better traffic.


  • The attention factor


It is better to use bullet points as well as headings that make the content attractive to the eyes and makes it perfect scan-able content. Use a short sentence as a summary at the beginning of the article to hook the attention of the reader for better engagement.


  • Social media


Another important thing is integrating the social media icons that provide a great addition to better results in mobile optimization. You should know by now that mobile is going to kill links and hence, it is good to spread your authority as well as hard work by creating it easily shareable.


  • Mobile keyword research is very much necessary


In the current times, mobile is the device from which maximum of the revenue comes from a business and hence, it is very important to do mobile content marketing strategy for focusing on the earlier stages of the buying cycle.


  • Format of the content


There are multiple formats of content like embedded videos, compressed images which help you to optimize for more people. People like to interact with content in various ways, so if someone is wearing a headphone then that person would obviously like to check out a nice and short video as a medium of interaction. Thus, make sure to engage with the user with perfect formatted content on your website for ensuring improved and increase in traffic rates.


  • Optimizing for voice search


Since we speak in the natural language then it is very much effective and necessary to carry out voice keyword research for the best increase in traffic rates.

If you have a long list of voice search keywords then it is great as well as it is advised to make use of other platforms and tools to get better ideas via long tail, keyword research  and voice search.

In conclusion, make sure to remember all the points given above since we both know that no one likes to compromise on their traffic rates.

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