Holi-Festival of Colors- szi technologies

Flamboyant Hues Taint the Sky as we usher in the Season of spring

Holi-Festival of Colors- szi technologies #holi

Do you know what makes our lives and our activities memorable, significant and colorful? It is our action and our emotions which reflect in our daily work. But why are we discussing all these now? It is spring and it is time to come out of our closet and celebrate the festival of colors. Yes! It is time to make our lives vibrant with all the work we did and will do in the days ahead. But it is also the time to enjoy and get drenched in the colors of spring to rejuvenate our souls with more energy to work in the days ahead.


Let us skip all the technical details. For us Holi is fun. It can’t be any good way to celebrate the end of the cold winter than to smear others with rich colors. Each color reflects the true spirit of life.


For us who are busy taking care of our esteemed customers it is time to get relaxed and think something new and vibrant which will not only help us to make our work interesting but also please the clients. Why not interact with them and explain about the spirit of Indian colors?


Let us pour colors in our lives. How? It is simple. Smudge your colleagues with colors and share love and compassion. Make them feel that we care for each other and will do whatever we could to keep up the team spirit on high notes. Why not add some color in the company website to showcase that yes, it is time to take a pause from work and get mischievous.


Share traditional sweets and intoxicating drinks to add some spice in the festive mood. If you are still glued to your work station then take a breath and take part in the festival. It is time to take a break and make a difference. Who can say that this spring festival can actually bring a new life to your personal and professional life?