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Effective Optimization Tips You Can’t Ignore in 2016

SEO Basics image

The post lets you catch a glimpse at the basic things that you need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & its advanced Optimization techniques.


Search Engine Optimization is the most vital component of any successful online marketing campaign. SEO has been successful in ensuring better ranking of the page in top Search engines. However one of the challenges is that Google very often changes its search algorithm to keep pace with the changes. A site enjoys better chance of indexing, if it features a strong site architecture or clear navigation.

Let’s see what Search engine exactly seeks for?

Content- Content plays a vital role in SEO. Publishing unique and quality content works wonder. The recent trend reveals that Google is paying more attention towards longer form content with ample meaningful information. A scan able content with proper keywords ensures better optimization.

User-friendly- A website has greater chance of optimization if it is easily navigable, searchable with relevant content and internal linking.

Web page loading- Make sure the webpage of the site loads faster. Google will closely initiate labeling results that gets hosted on Accelerated Mobile page.

Internal Linking– Internal linking provides audience better reading options. The use of clear anchor text helps reducing the bounce rates. Linking an article with relevant post using variations of similar anchor text ensures better ranking.

Device compatibility– Make sure your website is responsive and opens in all devices. Remember, these days Google has given greater attention on Responsive design and enhanced mobile optimization.

Authority websites– Authority website is a site that is widely recognized, trusted by users and well accepted in search engines. Earlier a link from authority websites seems pretty valuable. The more links you have and brilliant your content quality is, the greater is the chance of a website gaining authority.

Meta title & descriptions- Proper use of Meta title & descriptions will not only improve your ranking in SERP but also increases your chance of gaining maximum click from searcher.

Properly Tagged images – While uploading image to the content, it is important you put Alt Text. An image with Alt Text increases the chances of image get better visibility in Google Image search.

Schema Markup- Last but not the least, addition of schema markup to the HTML of your pages can make your search results more attractive. This helps in transforming your search results into a robust media playground.