Digital Marketing Trend 2016

Digital Marketing Latest Trend in 2016


Digital Marketing Trend 2016

Online marketing is evolving in quick times. Every year we witness update of the latest hardware along with the software. In order to develop a successful online marketing strategy the companies need to stay-up-to date relating to the recent trends. It is being advised by digital marketing experts to have a close look that is up for the year 2016. As 2015 came to an end, it is quite an important task that the companies are primed in taking major advantage of the latest trends that is all in readiness to take online marketing to a higher level in the year 2016.

More video advertisement– The video advertisement is not new, but they will surely play a pivotal role in a vibrant manner in the year 2016. Bing and other social media pedestals like facebook have started offering video options to the advertisers. Frankly speaking Google at present includes video content in the search engine algorithm. This is one the major significant step for online video advertisement, as it shows the users are accepting their existence along with businesses are currently discovering their effectiveness.

Outbreak of the apps– In the month of April when Google changed its algorithm in rewarding mobile friendly websites, it began to use information from the indexed app as one of the factor in search rankings. Ever since then app indexing- which often drops app content into Google mobile search results has taken off. It is to be noted that business owners are slowly catching on; particularly because apps are more and more responsive to individual users can turn out to be more and more convenient. 2016 is sure to be the turning point in the adoption of application by the various business owners.

The mobile dominance over desktop– The usage of mobile will completely eclipse the desktop usage in the year 2016. As desktop traffic will not disappear entirely, Google is obviously anticipated that mobile traffic will dominate. It is already happening, as this year more and more individuals used mobile search than web search in ten different countries across the globe.

The latest optimization strategies– In the past, most of the online strategies have relied on SEO along with PPC advertising. Now major digital assistance such as Siri along with Cortana can be optimized to answer consumer’s question. In the year 2016 more and more business owners will be on the search and there business details can be easily found through virtual assistance rather than simply listing the particular information on the web.