Brand Building tactics

Create Your Employer Brand 5 Easy Ways

Brand Building tactics

You run a company and you have hired experienced human resource professionals to look after all HR related issues so that every staff feels happy while they are at work. Have you ever thought why would your employees praise you and the company they work for? Why would anyone like to work in your organization?

These questions can be addressed in a single sentence. But that is not enough. You have to understand that it your employees who actually represent your company’s brand and reputation. Hence, it is your responsibility to check whether your company meets the basic needs of the workforce.

Before we go deep into the discussion, let us highlight on some statistics.

  • Employers with strong brand drive double the amount of applicants per occupation compared to other organizations
  • 84% of workforce consider quitting their jobs if they get better offers in companies that have an outstanding reputation
  • Employers with good employment brands witness a sharp 43% reduction in cost per hire

Build Your Own Employer Brand

Don’t think too much and spend time in preparing a cohesive strategy that would help in branding. What about creating an amazing workplace and give your employees the liberty to work in the most innovative manner?

Focus on Culture

This is one of the most vital tips. Whatever you do, you must not be spending your time that much in creating your brand. It is your workforce who represents your company and whose work and feedback work to create your BRAND.

Make sure your company staffs enjoy working with you. If your workers don’t feel happy or contended, others will know about it for sure. You must look for every options that will give your employees the liberty to work freely and do something exception for the benefit of your organization.

Make Employees Your Brand Ambassadors

You would be silly if you don’t consider your staffs and co-workers as brand ambassadors. Do you know that is your employees who spread your company’s brand?

Employees are actually a team of marketers at your disposal. You just have to know how to utilize them. Realistically, the major source of candidates comes through referrals. Hence, you can say that your company’s brand vests on your company’s staffs to a large extent.

However, being the company owner or the boss, you have to ensure that all your employees carry the same message wherever they go. Your staffs should be able to…

  1. Explain your company’s motto and mission perfectly
  2. Elucidate the primary benefits of working there
  3. Know or understand which jobs or roles are open currently
  4. Realize or feel the brand’s tone

Stay Active on Social Media

Most leading companies are active on various social media sites like Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This means you have to follow the same, but in a unique way.  This will help you stand away from the rest. Share your company objective, business updates and event information through social media channels. It really works!

Content Matters a Lot

Content lasts forever and can help in reaching tons of potential clients. Please make a note of it. There are many instances where small to medium scale companies flourishes within a few months only through content marketing and sharing. This is what we call Magic of CONTENT.

Share videos, audio files and blogs and see the results. Your time and energy will never go waste for sure.

Test… Test…Test

You must remember one thing that branding is a continuous process and you must keep investing time, workforce and your managerial skills to it. Do remember that everyone is responsible to help in branding. It is a fact that people would provide both negative and positive feedback. Pat on your employees’ back and praise them for the work they did. Sit and analyze what all could be done to work on those negative reviews. Test your ability as well as the skills of your workforce. Not just once, but keep on testing and this must continue forever. This is how you can keep your branding campaign active and fruitful.

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Branding matters a lot for every company but one must know the skills to get and manage it. Relying on the workforce and regularly patting their back for their contribution in the company’s growth help in branding the most. Employees are real spokesperson of any organization. Apart from that other methods like social media engagement and content marketing helps in branding.