Content Recycling

Content Recycling -7 Ways of Content marketing

Content Recycling

Marketers who understand the value of time as the most precious element among the ones necessary for marketing actually understand how important it is to set realistic goals for creating quality content. If you cannot afford to have enough time for content creating and still not really willing to compromise on the quality of content, repurposing of content can be a viable way out for you. The process of repurposing can be equated with the recycling process of content to make it suitable for a new or the existing group of target audiences once again.

Which content is perfect for repurposing?

If it has been a while since you are blogging, there must be enough number of articles in your stock, absolutely fit for tweaking and also turning them into completely new ones.

Are all your content fit for repurposing?

Like old clothes, all types of content are also not perfect to be considered for recycling. It is important to keep the ones that are never out of style and are timelessly evergreen. There are certain forever useful content that should be kept intact for keeping the existing site visitors hooked, forever.

Select the evergreen content: There are marketers who prefer repurposing content that had proved quite interesting to the readers in past. However, logical decision should be, no matter what the quality of content is, the evergreen ones can be repurposed. The process is almost offering yourself a second chance for perfect promotion. It appeals to a larger group of audiences that also extends the reach of content.

The process is not as simple as it sounds to be. However, the actual procedure takes much longer in the beginning. After you are completely used to the process, it will be a lot easier for you to understand that it is a perfect time saver process for all busy marketers who have less time for content creation. You can repurpose accomplished blog content for social media through 7 astonishingly simple methods.

  1. Infographic – Slide Share Presentation: Your blog content can be transformed into an infographic or Slide Share on a site that accepts such posts. You might get a fresh flow of new traffic to the site a part of which might increase the number of leads. While uploading the slide share or infographic, the site includes the same to an infographic directory. It is important to save infographic in a one page PDF format before uploading.
  2. Quote from your blog to post with Facebook image: Find out a perfect quotation from an article written by you and create a perfect Facebook image for the same. This is a great way to repromote that article.
  3. A guide to YouTube Video marketing: Video marketing has gained a large amount of popularity during recent days. YouTube has been instrumental in sending in a large group of traffic and even leads to marketers who understand the worth of video marketing. The procedure is considered as visual marketing these days. If there is a huge stock of content like, step-by- step guides and how to tutorials, that should not take much time to create great repurposed video content.
  4. Turn an informative article into a Quora answer:

The previously written content of yours can help in answering questions on Quora along with the back links to the parent article. The method is aimed for hitting 2 goals by one strategy only for the purpose of promoting your brand on social media and also bringing back the traffic to a website. They are also quite helpful for people who require guidance.

  1. Studies and Reports turned to Twitter image post:

This action does not need a brain wrecking process. Moreover, image encourages tweet engagement. According to studies, the rate of re-tweeting gets higher after image is attached to a tweet. So, repurpose of content into an image post on Twitter is always a great idea and you should link it back to the original article.

  1. Turn an old post into a LinkdIn post: There is no doubt about the fact that LinkedIn publishing can bring great success to a particular site. According to some, repurposing evergreen content is the practical way to get more visibility and in social network. All you need to do is simply summarize the post, highlight a few important points and then link it back to the main blog or article.
  2. Blog posts turned into Podcast, Webinar: Hangout, Google+ has an incredible method of building followers for all professionals and marketers because it offers you enough space to show expertise through question/answer, live discussion, etc.


Repurposing content into video allows people comprehend a content in a lot more effective way. Your content is repurposed into an all new medium. Podcasting and webinar have seen an increased flow of visitors. Repurposing of content has myriads of different benefits provided, they all are done with considerable amount of meaningfulness attached to it. Leveraging the tips from us can assist you in finding the ideal social media strategy. It is important to stick to all your customer focused goals and keep continuing to offer the right kind of value. No matter what kind of content you offer, it has to be original and sometimes, repurposed.