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Facebook Reach Top Tips to Boost

Facebook Reach Top Reach

Facebook is a platform that has been connecting us with not just friends and family but also to the different events and activities that are happening around the world. In that case, it is also a great stage for businesses to promote themselves before a huge audience and achieve their ...

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4 Engagement Strategies to Capture High-Value Target Audience in Social Media

It is not that easy to get someone’s attention. You have to work hard to grab attention of your target audience. The process involves a proper understanding of whom to target, what they are interested in and finally creating content to share information and engage them through various social media ...

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Top Tips for Promotional Success on LinkedIn


The first thing to know is: Who use LinkedIn? In the contemporary times, LinkedIn has a great influence in Asia, especially India and China are the best marketing pits of LinkedIn after the United States. Here are the top tips regarding how to use LinkedIn for better marketing success.   ...

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Brand as a much viable approach than targeting keywords

Run After Brand Not After Keywords

As of the latest SEO strategy is concerned, the focus on keyword based optimization is getting extinct, as individuals are witnessing the resurgence of the long tail keyword. Keywords once meant to play pivotal role in making a campaign successful. Google collected data about a site which was completely based ...

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Create BUZZ WITH Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy Buzz

Gone are the days when social media networks were used only to promote brands or create a buzz. Social media has come a long way to establish itself as a strong platform what can boost every business’s bottom line. Nowadays, social media networking works tandem with various other business strategies ...

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Are you aware of the updates on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?

Summer has almost come to its fag end as this wind ups and makes its transition into winter. During this time, some very important social media updates made their way to the world of online marketing. Instagram this august has made one of the greatest upgrading so far. Facebook has ...

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5 Ways to Optimize Search For User Demand- The Psychology

Understanding Personas and Your Consumers

As consumer behavior is evolving with time so is search marketing. Search engines have continually updated their algorithms to better understand search and deliver better results. The search engines have also worked harder to identify and differentiate between high quality articles from low quality article to serve the requirements of ...

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Removing 140 Characters From Direct Messages- The Latest Twitter Update

twitter direct messaging 140 character limit goes off

  Twitter’s attitude towards its direct messaging feature was quite neglectful few years back. The service was all but abandoned for years, making many users to wonder if the feature was removed altogether. Several problems surfaced with time, read count failing to synchronize, flaky notifications and much more. To add ...

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