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Let Your Blogs Support Your SEO and Go with It

  There is a statement where it says, “The blog is where the content goes to die”. You may have read or heard this line a couple of times. But are you sure being a writer you support the statement from the bottom of your heart? This is a fact ...

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5 Ways to Create Authoritative Content That Helps SEO


Time and again it has been proved that content plays a pivotal role in establishing a strong online presence. Today, no one can even think of doing Search Engine Optimization or SEO without content. Now, remember that time has come to come out of the conception that content only means ...

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Local SEO Ranking: Factors That Will Affect Ranking in 2016


[Estimated Read Time 5 Minutes] As per a recent SEO study conducted by Local SEO Guide, a lot of factors including Google My Business (GMB) will play distinctive roles in local SEO ranking. So, it is the responsibility of every SEO professional to prepare a strategy to retain good ranks and ...

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5 Ways to Perk Up CTR of Your Website in Search Results

Click Through Rate SZI echnologies

Getting a high rank in search engine result pages is a great achievement. But it is really tough to augment the click through rate (CTR) of your website in search engine result pages. If you are an online marketer then chances are there that you might get distracted with all ...

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9 Distinctive Changes Affecting SEO in 2016


With the advent of 2016 we have witnessed a couple of changes which will certainly affect the search engine optimization process altogether. With the latest search algorithm update and guidelines, the entire SEO process is on stake. But if we follow all the guidelines properly I am sure online marketers ...

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Top Indirect Ways to Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Top Indirect ways to improve search engine ranking final

  Whenever we are discussing search engine optimization or SEO then keyword integration or backlinks are something that always comes along with it. Yes, it is true and the fact backlinks and keyword optimization can be the most important components behind search engine ranking of your website. On the other ...

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Brand as a much viable approach than targeting keywords

Run After Brand Not After Keywords

As of the latest SEO strategy is concerned, the focus on keyword based optimization is getting extinct, as individuals are witnessing the resurgence of the long tail keyword. Keywords once meant to play pivotal role in making a campaign successful. Google collected data about a site which was completely based ...

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