Common Mistakes in Website Building

Be Alert!! Mistakes You Should Avoid While Building a Website

Common Mistakes in Website Building

It never matters about the kind of business you are doing, all that matters is the website which is the façade of your business to the world. In case you are working on redesigning or making the website from the ground level, make sure to avoid the following mistakes to reap the pure benefits of your investment.
Function of the Site

• If the website is non-responsive

In case, if you find out that your website is not comfortable to smartphones, desktops and even laptops then there are good chances that the number of people visiting your site will stoop down to a very low rate of visitors. Report says that websites that are non-responsive comes in the lower level of 40% bounce rate.

• Slow website

A surprising fact is that most of the visitors leave a website if they find taking lots of time to load. Even according to a recent report the percentage of visitors becomes half when a site takes more than three seconds to load. In that case, compressing the image as well as selecting a faster web host amounts to better results than before. Also, remember to uninstall useless plugins, as well.
Low Quality Design and Complex User Interfacing

• Bad navigation as well as menus

It is always better to keep less than seven links in the navigation menus, thereby keeping one single menu in the website, best at the top.

• Unrelated images

Using stock photos is a very good idea but they should not be irrelevant. The best way is to use photos that elevate the services of your business in terms of the content as well as branding. Also, using original photos has greater benefits.
By not harnessing the power of site to facilitate business growth

• No sign of credibility

To convince you target audience you have to prove your credibility to them. The intent should be earning their trust. In such circumstance, the major mistake is to avoid keeping any reviews, testimonials- for people want to know whether you are capable of doing this job appropriately. Hence, showing trust seals, press releases and even certification logos helps to plant the seed of trust in the audience’s heart.

• By not keeping tracks of website conversions

Not tracking the conversions is actually a waste of efforts. There are lots of ways to keep track of website conversions. Hence, it is time that you start tracking the traffic, the number of visitors, session duration, the variation between the new and the returning visitors. Also, keeping track of the bounce rates and even the cost per conversion helps to formulate a stronger strategy.