Are you aware of the updates on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?


Summer has almost come to its fag end as this wind ups and makes its transition into winter. During this time, some very important social media updates made their way to the world of online marketing.

Instagram this august has made one of the greatest upgrading so far. Facebook has hit one of its hugest milestones by recording 1 billion visitors in a single day. Let us focus on several other noteworthy milestones in the Social media.

Different Social Networking Site: The New York Times has a special social media bot which runs in quite a popular messaging app called Slack. Among all the stories published on the NYT every day, only 50 manage to end up being shared on different social network sites. This particular bot is named Blossom and it is perfectly designed to analyze a number of articles to select a few of them for success on social media.

Buffer has come up with it’s add on feature that makes it able to upload, schedule and reschedule native videos on all the social media sites. The organization claims that their software is a one of its kind that allows users uploading videos to a particular site and then shares them on all the other social networking sites like, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

Facebook: On the first day of August this year, Facebook recorded one billion active users. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced this through a post of his on the network. He boasts of the fact that this is only the beginning of connectivity to the world.

Facebook has also introduced a feature to the site that allows celebrities broadcast live stream through Facebook Mentions app. Facebook constantly mulls over the idea of turning the current Notes product in quite a long term content platform. This particular updates allow Facebook users to make Notes that were almost forgotten after the organization allowed long status updates.

facebook fan app
Facebook Mention App

Facebook has also been working on making an all new mobile app to send alerts for breaking news directly to smartphones. In the initial stage, the app now works by asking which publications a user would like to receive notifications from and what can be the topic of interest in this case. The moment you express your interest in it, you start receiving push notifications linked to the original story.

Facebook has come up with a new digital assistant service that remains within Messenger. This service is called M and it is capable of finishing off a particular task to get information on request. M of Facebook is somewhat similar to Cortana of Microsoft and Siri of Apple.

Instagram: Instagram has introduced one of the most significant updates to the app in recent times. The portrait and landscape modes for clicking images and recording videos allow you to post them as they are actually shot. There is no need for cropping videos recorded in widescreen or a selfie clicked in portrait mode.

Twitter: In February, we came to know that a deal has been struck between Google and Twitter, as a result of which, we can see indexing of all tweets in the search results of Google. Finally that proposed feature is live.

YouTube: YouTube has already announced that it is going to offer many video view counts in near future. This means, the infamous “301+ views” will be surpassed soon.

Conclusion- Now, our task is to check which of these updates are going to have maximum impact on all the present day social media strategy. We will be waiting for your views on this to feature in the comments section.