Five Tips to Make Your Business Grow with a BPO

The dynamism of the modern business has led organisations to devise new measures for survival as well as, to thrive. Organisations are emphasising on reduction of costs while strengthening their core operations. This is not a straightforward, simple and involves various intricacies. In order to make things convenient and better, many businesses are turning to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). An international inbound BPO in USA can aid in achieving top-notch performance with cost cutting for a company. Although outsourcing is not an extraordinary way of extending business, it is still difficult for many to utilise it properly.

Some of the ways in which the companies can optimise the functions of their BPO are as follows –

Be Sure of your Growth Scheme

In business, every step has a cause and if there is a willingness to outsource your business, there should be a proper goal behind it. Before you draw a final blueprint and introduce it in the work process, make sure it is viable. It should integrate with the financial targets and the long-term business plans to bring the most desirable results. A complete knowledge as to which direction will the scheme lead and what are the possible outcomes is necessary before implementation.

Combine Infrastructural Facilities and Centralise the Activities

Once everything is set, consolidation of efforts is the next big step. Dispersed activities such as setting up of call centres in various locations for the same process may not be a good idea. An International inbound BPO in Canada with specialised support can be a great answer for reducing the costs and increasing the efficiency of business. Streamlining the business processes helps in achieving great outcomes and coordinating the resources is step closer.

Determine the Performance Metrics

The proper execution of any plan is ensured when it undergoes measurement of accuracy based on some fixed criteria.  Whether it is the product or the services, it is important for the management to set the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for monitoring the efficiency. For the BPOs, some of the common benchmarks for weighing the business processes are –

  • rise in revenues
  • decrease in errors related to IT
  • increase in positive customer feedbacks
  • reduction in complaints from clients
  • Delivery of quality outputs consistently.

Allocation of Responsibilities

For the ultimate accomplishment through systematic discharge of functions, every company needs to assign the duties to suitable candidates. Every individual has distinct abilities that are required for some specified actions. It is the work of the management to understand, who is fit for doing what.  For global expansion and opening BPO offices in culturally different areas, multilingual skills are must for the callers.

Finding the Appropriate Solutions

The advancement in technology and rapidly changing trends have given ample options to companies for offering tailor-made solutions to clients. This leads to improved functionality through smooth and seamless execution of outsourcing efforts. A business owner needs to ensure that his/her business is adhering to the norms and regulations of the IT industry. Moreover, as a service provider, an organisation should possess the particular qualifications and certifications required for BPO business.

Starting an outbound voice process or an international inbound BPO in Canada may be a highly promising venture. However, there are certain methods that ensure better results with the same inputs and employing them will be obviously beneficial.

Five Important Requisites for a Great Customer Service

The customer base is the most essential asset of any business and when it comes to BPOs, they are no different. In fact, their dependency on clients is much higher than any other business. Be it an international inbound BPO in New Zealand or an outbound voice process, unhappy customers will result in unsuccessful business. Ensuring that the customers remain satisfied does not only require good products, but great service as well.  When a customer feels happy with a pre-sales or post-sales service, he recommends the organization to his friends and acquaintances. Such reactions boost the survival and growth of any BPO.

There are some essentials to retain the human touch, benefit the clients and thereby business.

Developing an Understanding:  

The concern of the customers does not only relate to the consumption of products and services. Along with purchasing the business offerings, the customers expect to find solution to their future problems. When a BPO resolves the issues arising from the constant use of disuse of any product, customers feel utterly satisfied. It is upon the representatives to understand the issue, identify the troublemaker and anticipate what can serve best. Engaging in effective communication, exchanging ideas can make this process much easier.

Being Attentive

During the conversations that any international inbound BPO in Australia has with a client, capturing each point accurately is essential. If it is a verbal, keep your ears extra alert and if it is a mail, interpret the words in right context. Clarify each time a statement seems ambiguous and pay extra attention on the elucidation. To solve any problem, knowing the exact matter is crucial and for that, the listening capabilities must be in place.

Responding Positively

Giving a positive reply does not mean that changing the processes of business to make things congenial for customers.  It implies evoking faith in the clients with your confidence and then arranging for a proper measure. In most situations, the customers ask for solutions that are attainable. For unreasonable requests, as an executive, you need to give them a word of trust that you will be looking into the matter.

Rendering Customised Services

After all the communication and recording the complaints or feedbacks, addressing the issues through actions is the next step. The promises that the concerned personnel has given to the clients need fulfillment. However, there should be an effort not to compromise with business policies while serving the clients. As a representative of an international inbound BPO in New Zealand you must find out ways to elevate the company’s image. This has to be done while delivering the solutions to individuals.

Respecting Customers’ Sentiments 

Whatever be the probability of success, the reactions of your customer service executive should always manifest sensibility. The clients are indirectly responsible for the remunerations given to the employees of any business. Hence, it is the duty of an organization to respect their feelings and value their comments and requests. The approach must be accommodating enough and in case they are wrong, refusals must be polite enough.

The prospects of any company lie in the hands of the consumers. The companies need to prove their capabilities in catering to their needs better than others. A great customer service is the best way to give an edge to your business to fare better among the competitors.

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5 Fundamental Steps towards Google’s “Mobile First” Indexing

With so many branded smartphones all around, we can easily say that it is the perfect time to go MOBILE! It has been a decade or so that has made us familiar with modern day mobile apps and software which are used for multiple reasons. In fact, mobile is the main concern for even search engine giant, Google to track mobile traffic in the most efficient manner.

Till date, Google has been indexing website pages as desktop browsers view them. However, with new “mobile first” approach, the search engine giant will start indexing website pages as mobile phones display them. This is really an outstanding step to analyze mobile traffic and the visits and other things can be easily calculated on the basis of mobile search results. As we are using our smartphones to work online the most, Google gives an indication that it will track every record of mobile searches and rank websites accordingly.

Check your website’s mobile ranking

You must look at your website ranking in Google’s mobile search result pages which will indicate your website’s overall performance and how much it is susceptible to lose traffic. You must keep on reading about all updates happening in the mobile indexing field to improve rankings.

Mobile Ranking

Make your mobile website accessible

There are many websites where you will find hidden content or pages. Don’t do this mistake. Keep your mobile website accessible to all and allow every page to index. Too many pop-ups might damage your site’s reputation and might get penalized by Google.

accessable website

Keep your mobile website responsive

Responsive mobile design permits for the most excellent user experience across the many mobile, tablet and desktop displays. It settles in the page, and allows a single URL for mobile and desktop versions of the website. If you have not altered to responsive mobile design, ask your website designing firm for a list of great web designers.

Responisve site

Fast navigation

Speed on mobile is reasonably imperative. Research has shown that 40% of customers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. Wireless internet connections are typically not nearly as fast as wired connections that desktop users experience. Optimizing image file sizes and resolutions has not been this significant since the days of the modem.

Do not muddle up AMP

Staying at the forefront of the curve takes lead of the best opportunities: Being the first among your opponents to put into practice mobile-friendly, mobile responsive, schema and AMP creates web traffic. Simply don’t divert your plan and mess up with AMP or else your site’s traffic will fall.


With these 5 essential tips, you will surely be lead and do better business that your competitors. Google will keep on changing algorithms and it is you, who has to stay updated and alter your mobile website optimization strategies.

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Smart Phones Devices! Yes the Future of Digital Marketing

Smart Phones Devices Hold the Future of Digital Marketing

With the advent of smart phones, the usage of desktop computers to go online has become almost obsolete. Smart devices like the mobile phones and tablets are used by the vast majority today to go on the social media, surf the internet, and most importantly – shop online. The usage of these mobile devices has quite interestingly surpassed the use of the traditional desktop systems, which has, for obvious reasons, become the latest weapons of all the marketers to strategically engage the customers and enhance the sales.

Reasons of the Immense Popularity of Mobile Devices for Marketing

  • Mobile devices engage people more – As per a survey, people spend more time on their mobile phones than they actually do on the desktops, and this number is increasing with every passing year.
  • Expenditure on the mobile ads will increase – According to a study, the future of mobile ads seems extremely promising with nearly 60.4% of the total digital marketing expenditure being allotted towards the mobile ad campaigns.
  • Mobile ads give better performance – A survey shows that mobile ads showcase better performance than the normal online ads by 4 to 5 times.
  • Search before shopping – The people using mobile devices to shop are actually highly motivated buyers, who spend more time to search for the product of their needs. Thus, the different ads by the marketers at this juncture would prove to be extremely beneficial.

What is the Functionality of Mobile Advertising?

The enhanced features of the Google AdWords campaign can be used to specify if the ads can be redirected to the mobile devices. They are extremely similar to the other types of ads and can be available in both text and image format.

They can further be categorized into the High-end and the WAP ads where the high-end mobile ads use the full browser capabilities to zoom in and out and the WAP ads are limited to the two lines of text.

What is needed to make a Business Mobile-Friendly?

  • A mobile-friendly Website – This is extremely important. The consistency of the mobile device must be maintained across all the platforms, starting from the desktop to the mobile devices. For this, the look and feel and user interactivity must also be well enhanced.
  • An App Development Must be considered – It goes without saying that the majority of the people are more dependent on the apps on their mobile devices rather than the mobile websites. Thus, considering the marketing prerogative the mobile apps must be developed.
  • Research must be conducted – Google’s Consumer Barometer is by far the best place to start off. This is helpful to compare the different digital trends and data analysis all around the world with better graphs and diagrams.


Thus, it can evidently be concluded with the fact that good backup of data and supporting documents, the importance of marketing on the different mobile devices can never be denied irrespective of what the circumstances are. It is just a matter of poise and patience on behalf of the team.

Summary: The future holds a bright prospect of the mobile devices being utilized for the purpose of digital marketing. Thus, it is extremely important to understand what 2017 holds for us in the matter and how we should proceed. Read on.

Top content marketing trends to keep in mind for 2017

Well, the year has already begun and the content marketers are wondering which tactics to follow for business marketing for the upcoming days. The truth is that staying updated with the current marketing changes can help you achieve more visibility in the web world and stay ahead in the competition.

The 2017 SEO Content Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind

Since identifying and recognizing this year’s SEO trend is very important then let us get to the points of interest that beckon our attention.


  • Content ROI

Like as said before that marketers are getting better when it comes to content marketing and hence, it is time to back it up with the stats. Also, the goal of proving that content marketing promises better ROI will be the goal of maximum marketers in the year 2017.


  • Documented Content Strategy

In case, you do not have any content strategy then it is high time that you find out one for your benefit. Here the truth is that documented content marketing tactics have numerous advantages which can help an organization define the goals for themselves. At the same time, focus your efforts on one single goal without getting distracted by passing fads.


  • Personalized Content

In the contemporary times, the influence of competition forces us to use more content than we used to do it earlier. This also makes content marketers to personalize each individual’s personal experience. Brands focus on becoming a preferred destination and even adopting marketing automation, other technologies, and account-based marketing in order to support this trend.


  • More Content than Ever Before

In this year, actually two-third of the marketers are aiming to crank up the content quantity compared to they have done in 2016. At the end, all strategies come to the point that more consumption of content widens the opportunities for ROI conversions.


  • Content Visualization

In the current times, the importance of visual content is slowly increasing and if truth to be told they are actually in great demand. The famous sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are pure proof of the fact that images, as well as videos, are the core aspects of contemporary internet experience.


  • More Content than Ever Before

In this year, actually two-third of the marketers are aiming to crank up the content quantity compared to they have done in 2016. At the end, all strategies come to the point that more consumption of content widens the opportunities for ROI conversions.


  • Content Optimized for AI and VR

Google is the heart that actually supports the digital marketing world and their current focus is on artificial intelligence that has forward thinking content marketers with a plan of new forms of Al-friendly content.


  • Customer Generated Content

Another important thing that must be taken care of is building trust for your business through content marketing strategy. Also, according to a study, it has been proving that user-generated content is the best way to achieve trust for your business. By comparing user generated content that is reviews, social shares with the company generated company like landing pages, ads, and others, the user-generated content actually wins 85 percent of the times.


  • Content Workflow

Furthermore, with developing documented content strategy, the marketers are getting inclined to every bit of content marketing through creating documented workflow. Along with the increasing promotion and quantity, it also brings extra challenges that address the inefficiencies of projects and organization.

It is not bad to write lots of content but the truth is that if you do not spend time on thinking the ways to promote or publicize it then all efforts will go in vain. With the industry becoming more competitive, marketers are on the verge of identifying the advantages of content marketing, making it effective and efficient as possible.


  • Content Promotion

It is also understandable that for content marketers it is a tough task to pry their eyes away from the editorial calendars. However, it seems that finally we are not only concentrating on just planning but also writing quality content and promoting it perfectly. It is very important to make sure that the content is published and promoted and at the same time, repurposing existing content for ensuring workflow efficiencies and expecting good results.


In conclusion

On a concluding note, no one has any idea regarding what is going to hold out for us in the upcoming days of 2017 but the above-discussed trends are the very good guess of how the year is going to turn out for most of the content marketers. So beware, be safe by ensuring that you have the best content marketing strategy for your benefit.

SZI Technologies Pvt Ltd is a content marketing company and doing content promotion on behalf of small and medium sized company all over the world.
Summary: The above blog helps us to understand the various trends that are going to dominate the year 2017 in content marketing. It also illustrates the various facts that we should keep in mind when planning a content marketing strategy in 2017. We also come to know about various other relevant facts about content marketing strategies that are going to effect the year 2017 from the blog given here.

On-Page SEO- 5 Must Know Techniques

On-Page SEO- 5 Must Know Techniques

Are you novice to blogging and don’t know how to implement On-page SEO? Worry not, since you are not alone. There are many people who just lay their hands on blog but don’t know how to optimize a blog post. Let’s help you out and make your post keyword rich to drive more traffic with some important SEO Techniques. With such tips, you will make it easier for search engines to index your post for a specific keyword. However prior to starting the guide let’s get accustomed with Search Engine Optimization.

Frankly speaking, no matter how higher your rank in major search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. the greater is the scope of getting maximum traffic. Search Engine Optimization is a significant feature of your website since it makes your website more visible and easier to apprehend by both the users and search engines.

  1. Permalinks that are SEO friendly

Whenever you are optimizing your URL, it is important to aim at using the post keyword right at the beginning of your post URL. Permalink must feature only the alphabets and numeric devoid of any brackets, special symbols, commas & question marks etc.

    2. Page Title
The page titles are one of the most effective On-page SEO factors on your website. The titles really play a significant role in Search engine indexing since it decides whether or not whether or not your post would rank for a specific keyword. Ensure that you are using your keyword or phrase in post Title. Make sure you are using the keywords in the beginning of the post title and there should not be any repeat of keyword in post title.

    3. Heading Tags

If your content contains headings or sub-headings, it is important to use H1, H2, H3, H4 tags etc to highlight the important points. These tags help in highlighting the vital points. The tags help in finding the main theme of your post and the points you have talked about in your post. Mind it, the heading tags work in a hierarchical order.

    4. Image Optimization

Every image you will be inserting in your post must have a title and description. Hence it is imperative to treat your image as a post title followed by optimizing it with your keyword. It would be better if you could include the keyword in your image since that tends to drive maximum traffic. Hence make sure you are adding image name followed by alt text and descriptions in your image with all the targeted keywords.

    5. Inbound & Internal links
Inbound or internal linking is synonymous with linking to another related post of your blog. Linking not just enhances your site but send traffic to another post. This decrease the bounce rate as the user tends to spend maximum amount of time on your website. Also, it helps the user to navigate throughout the website smoothly. While linking with another blog post, make sure you use keyword rich anchor text, since it looks more natural and generic to Google & other search engines for a specific keyword.

SZI Technologies is a SEO company in Kolkata, India providing SEO service for businesses all over  the world. You can contact this company for any web related query.

Facebook Reach Top Tips to Boost

Facebook Reach Top Reach

Facebook is a platform that has been connecting us with not just friends and family but also to the different events and activities that are happening around the world. In that case, it is also a great stage for businesses to promote themselves before a huge audience and achieve their goals.

Hence, when it comes to promoting a business via Facebook then a proper strategy can do amazing work and help you reach your target audience. The following tips highlight the ways to boost your Facebook reach in multiple benefiting ways.

The best ways to boost your Facebook reach


  • Hooking audience with images


At the time of advertising images on Facebook, the social networking site clearly states that they like images with less text or even no text in them. In that case, if your image has too much text then it might look spammy to users as well as the delivery rate may also decrease significantly.

In that case, it is advised to focus on the image of the product or the idea to ensure that it has the power to attract any person looking at it for the first time. Having little text and the clean image has lots of advantages and the main benefit is that it intrigues a viewer more than an image filled with text.


  • Do not lose traffic with automatic bidding

Facebook optimizes your bids automatically for conversions and this will increase the reach. On Facebook, every day there may be a higher or lower need for Cost-Per-Acquisition or CPA bidding. Facebook basically determines that the more conversions you get, the more the platform will learn about your company. They will be able to allocate your budget depending on the time of day or the week to get the best results possible.

This is true that Facebook optimizes your bids automatically through conversations and this increases the reach. The formula that this platform follows is that more conversions that you receive will actually ensure that Facebook learns more about your business. At the same time, everyday in Facebook, there may be higher or low requirement of Cost Per Acquisition bidding. Thus make sure to acquire every traffic that you get with automatic bidding from facebook.


  • Achieve fast success with automatic target placement

Recently Facebook has launched a great way to target the placement. This is also known as automatic placement and this social networking website is actually pushing the users to use it effectively. There has been a rumor that this is controversial because this automatic target placement is making things better than manual target placement.


  • Refrain from overlapping of ads

Make sure to remember that your ads are not overlapping each other. The thing is when two ads are competing for the same result then overlapping takes place. This confuses the system and thereby the desired success is not achieved.


  • Do not make frequent or multiple changes

It is strongly advised not to make frequent changes on Facebook. The reason is that it takes some days and time to change the algorithm. Making lots of changes actually acts as a barrier and does not allow the Facebook algorithm to reach its complete potential.


  • Use reach campaigns to get to your goals

The reach campaigns of Facebook actually help to provide an even timeline of the goal in terms of the reach actually is. In case, you are seeking to buy an amount of impressions then you are required to pay a fixed price for it. In this way, you are telling the algorithm about your goal and that acts to your advantage. These campaigns work fine when you have a good CPA and it provides good results.


  • Take the help of a Lifetime Budget to increase reach

Lifetime budget is a fantastic way to increase reach in the current times for promotion. In reality, you are paying a fixed amount of money to Facebook for a specific time frame. After that, the system will work accordingly to bring you the best results under the fixed time frame. In the beginning, the traffic increases and slows down in the middle and then again increases at the end of the campaign.

In conclusion, you can reach the target audience as well as the untargeted audience through Facebook that you never knew you were neglecting.

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Let Your Blogs Support Your SEO and Go with It



There is a statement where it says, “The blog is where the content goes to die”. You may have read or heard this line a couple of times. But are you sure being a writer you support the statement from the bottom of your heart?

This is a fact that most businesses are using blogs as a platform to share information, general or informative, about their businesses, services and products and in most cases these are not written accurately. Statistics show that almost 80-85% blogs that are being shared on the Internet are grammatically incorrect. Still they are so popular and demanding. The main reason for this is that blogs happen to be the pulse of someone who shares his or her ideas and ideologies as a form of post. What is written over there may not be grammatically correct but the narrative is made to showcase someone’s heart.

Let the keywords take the lead on Content Creation

Blogs have become highly popular as a part of content marketing strategy. The writers compose each and every blog using business relevant keywords to support the main website of the client’s business. Hence, we must always keep in mind that we must use the know how to play with keywords that will boost in search engine optimization process.

Be it a blog or landing page, learn how to use keywords in the most effective manner. Always remember that the content you write or develop must go simultaneously with the SEO process. They must complement each other, always to get positive results.

Overcome all roadblocks

Create a content calendar… keep writing and posting informative and interesting content following that calendar and keep your customers or prospects know about you, your company and the services you offer. There are many things you can incorporate in your content apart from general information. Try to share research based content that will feed readers’ appetite and keep them well-versed about everything in and out of our company. But do it smartly. Don’t be casual. And do keep in mind that you have to use your target keywords in the most efficient manner.

Content for Generating Traffic – Sheer Magic of Blogs

If you want to generate traffic to your website or blog, do keep adding content in those pages. This is vital as Google loves content, if it is accurate, relevant and smart. Do use internal links in the blogs so that all blogs are interlinked with each other. You can also link your blog to your website. All these are meant to keep your SEO process live. Optimize your blog and make it SEO friendly. Doing so, you will be able to boost your SEO process in the most proficient manner. If required, consult with experienced content marketers and SEO professionals. You will definitely get some valuable inputs from them so that you can make full use of your blog as a traffic generating platform.

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Blog and SEO can complement each other if you know the process. In this article, we have discussed about the co-relation of blogs and search engine optimization and marketing process and how to utilize blog content to generate traffic, genuine traffic!

Google’s Turns 18 Years Younger




On Tuesday Google stepped into adulthood with a celebrating and funny Doodle. Commemorating its 18th birthday, with an amusing doodle where the G of Google blows a balloon to highlight the remaining letters but ultimately ends up inflating it too much and flies off into the air.

However, there seems to be a confusion regarding the original birth date of the company. A company that was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998, Google from the year 2006 has celebrated its birthday on its homepage on the great date September 27. On the other hand, the weird thing is that the company has celebrated its birthday on six different dates in the past.

Google Cake

The fact is that Google celebrated its birthday on September 26 in the year 2006 but before that year that is in 2004 it celebrated its birthday on 7th of September and one year before that, it was celebrated on 8th September.

Although none of the dates are implied as significant but the date of incorporation of Google is recorded at 4th September 1998. Here, the fact is that no one knows when the company was really established in reality. After many years, Google itself admitted in the year 2013 that they themselves do not have any idea when the company was originally established but they chose September 27 to celebrate their birthday. Also, after its fourth birthday which was in the year 2002, Google started celebrating its birthday with a doodle.

With a market capitalization of US $541, is amongst one of the most powerful companies in the world. The founders who are Larry page and Sergey Brin ranks 12th and 13th respectively in the Forbes list of the richest people on earth.