8 Things You Must Do After Posting a Blog

8 Things You Must Do After Posting a Blog

8 Things You Must Do After Posting a Blog

Many of us write blogs and publish them on a regular basis. Some publish them weekly, some daily whereas others share their posts fortnightly. But are we following any checklist before we publish posts?

What you must do once you hit the ‘PUBLISH’ button? Not sure? Don’t worry folks. We are here to assist you in making your posts popular and promote your content in the most effective manner.

Pin your post

Most of us neglect Pinterest which is in fact a useful social media platform. It brings huge source of traffic instantly. Hence, once you are done with your blog post, don’t forget to pin it. Pinning using the right tag can fetch you niche audience or traffic. Pin relevant images on different boards to support your content.

Share your content on Twitter and Facebook

You must be aware that Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social media networks where you can share or promote your blogs. If you want to reach out more online readers, do share your posts on both these platforms. Just do it and see the outcome. Your post will be flooded with comments and shares. If you don’t want to share individual posts, think of sharing your blog profile. This way, you can make your profile popular. While sharing your content in Twitter, do use hashtags and relevant images. It will definitely boost your tweets.

Respond to every comment

You make sure you reply to each and every comment posted by your readers. This is really a good step to communicate with your online traffic. While commenting don’t forget to provide additional information regarding your topic so that your readers feel that they are valuable to you. Build a strong relationship with them through comments. Your reaction would surely bring you positive results for your content.

Send emails to every reader

If you think that sending emails separately to each and every reader is a waste of time then you are committing a great mistake. In 2016, the process of email marketing is considered as one of the most effective way to share information to online traffic. Gone are the days when people used to subscribe blogs using RSS feeds. In order to stay in the race, you must think of email marketing in the most proficient manner. But remember; don’t spell out critical information in your email content. Just raise a point of interest so that they can jump on your blog content and get the information you want to share.

Monitor the statistics

It is important that you keep a sharp eye on your new blogs posted and shared. You can get the statistics regarding the content flow, number of visitors to your blog and get information of various other parameters from Google Analytics. This way, you will be able to track your readers in the most apt way.

Keep your content resourceful

Instead of creating content of breaking news or topics you must focus on writing resourceful content. Google loves quality and informative content and if your blog content makes the search engine giant happy, your post will appear on the first page of Google. Craft your content in such a manner that the readers don’t have to hop here and there to gather the required information they are looking for.

Share your content in relevant forums

Forums are great platforms to share your content. Always remember that you must avoid spam posts that will not only impact your blog profile but also permit Google to delete your content from search results. There are several forums with thousands of active members. Your target would be to grab attention of all those forum members who can bring additional traffic to your posts.

Schedule your social media profiles

If you manage, spend some bucks and get tools to schedule and manage your social media profiles. Keep them simpler and give them a classy effect. In this way, you can attract more followers who will read your shared content and like or share them.

In case you think that you got stuck in managing your social media profiles, seek professional assistance. Read e-books if you manage to find some where you can get ample information regarding the steps to follow after publishing any content.


Publishing a blog in a leading blogging platform is not the end. It is time to think out of the box and share your content in myriad social media platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many more to count. Do it efficiently and smartly to get a positive outcome.