8 Essential Digital Marketing and SEO Tips

8 Essential SEO and Digital Marketing Tips For Better Opportunities

8 Essential Digital Marketing and SEO Tips

With daily new companies coming up in the online world has increased the intensity of competition in marketing of business.

Well that being said, ways of online marketing are also evolving to meet new demands. Some methods are new and some are longstanding while at the same time there are others who are evolving from the old tactics.

Hence, the thought of putting together digital marketing and SEO seemed like a good idea among the chaos of advises in the Internet.

So are you aware of these opportunities?

  • Hosted and Mobile Optimized Article Formats

The newly hosted and mobile optimized article formats are very attractive for a user whether it is in Apple News format, Facebook Instant Articles or Google’s AMP project. The more it is flexible and fast, is better suitable for mobile

  • Indexing of App and APP Store Optimization

The growing trend for both Apple and Google is App Indexing. Although content editorial has not been a huge payoff but with digital surfing slowly becoming receptive to mobile and this seems like an opportunity to avail.

App store optimization or ASO is another marketing evolution that is worth hooking your interest.

  • Designed And Structured Mark Up

Schema.org vocabulary and structured mark up are slowly feeding on demands because of their growing importance. As video, article and organization mark up of schema.org are significant and for the potential of new item List markup for section pages, publishers have become more inclined for the reason.

  • Google News

In spite of Google News and specifically “In the News” section in web search is a hot opportunity for publishers, but similarly optimizing for news search is another chance for publishers for more ROI.

  • Site Performance

Performance of a site is something that Google always seeks in a website because it affects both the user experience as well as pushes SEO improvements.

Although it is difficult to quantify the SEO impact but publishers experience better search engine ranking when it comes to investing on site speed efforts.

  • Panda plus other algorithmic improvements

Till today Google Panda and even other algorithmic filter improvements has been bothering not only the average but also the reputable brands. Although the Panda 4.2 may result to be a good thing but also fewer changes has struck some quality sites which were affected by Panda 4.1 last year.

  • Sponsored content And Syndication Utility

Domestic advertising as well as sponsored content are also profitable for publishers as they yield good revenue. Even though it is essential to go by search engine requirements it adds more advantage.

Also syndication is a significant tool for traffic driving as well as audience development.

  • Actions of User and Signals of Engagement

A latest trend is highlighting that user action and more engagement is turning to influence search engine ranking of websites.

On an ending note, the best SEO opportunity is to get hold of your website by putting things perfectly in terms of technical, content, design and other needs that Google always looks for in a website.