Mobile Traffic from Video

70% of mobile traffic is expected from video in 2021

Mobile Traffic from Video

It is not a surprise anymore that video traffic is growing with the passage of every month. However, a new survey states that it will be the dominant origin of traffic in upcoming years.  A recent report from ‘Ericsson Mobility Report’  states that video will have the dominant share of 70% in the total mobile traffic by 2021 as well as it is expected that the level will rise by 55 percent over the next five years.

Video Will Account for 70% of All Mobile Traffic by 2021


  • Youngsters invest less energy viewing conventional TV, 85% additional time watching a video by means of smartphones.


  • By 2021, the normal American will utilize 22GB of mobile data per month – the vast majority of that for watching video


  • YouTube represents between 50-70% of all video-based activity crosswise over networks of a mobile telephone.


  • 28B cell phones will be associated by 2021, Internet of Things will represent 16B of them

The Rise of Mobile Video Traffic from 2016 to 2021 


The report expresses that it’s the rising trend of inserting video content on website pages is driving the development in traffic and utilization. YouTube remains the greatest place in the mobile video, representing a mind blowing 50-70% of all video-based movement crosswise over most mobile network systems. Netflix represents around 10-20%.


Furthermore, tablets, as opposed to cell phones, are connected with the anticipated higher offer of online video activity. Ericsson states that while tablets and cell phones are utilized similarly to watch short-frame video content, viewers are swinging to their tablets to devour longer shape video cuts.



  • The Teen-age inclined towards Mobile to Watch Video Content


The study reports a ‘huge increment’ in the offer of video traffic by means of cell phones as viewers steadily change their review propensities from customary TV to gushing content through tablets and cell phones.


Youngsters remain the greatest customers of video, whether that is over wifi, or through their portable information association. Indeed, the teenagers viewing by means of their cell phones ascended by 127% in only 15 months amid 2014 and 2015.

Ericsson affirms that the adjustment in viewing habits has actually influenced all age bunches, yet utilization conduct in teenagers is the most proclaimed. The report additionally finds that young people watch the same measure of video as different ages bunches, yet watch much a greater amount of it by means of a smartphone, and stream video for more periods during that time than their older partners. At home, wifi is in charge of the utilization of more than 85% of video data.


  • Be prepared for a Bang in Internet of Things


Alright, so it’s not entirely video related, but rather the Ericsson concentrate likewise predicts that, somewhere around 2015 and 2021, the quantity of IoT-connected gadgets is relied upon to develop by 23% each and every year! Of the 28 billion aggregate gadgets that will be associated by 2021, near 16 billion will be IoT gadgets. The Internet of Things is developing super-quick, and will surpass cellular telephones as the biggest classification of connected device in only 2 years.