7 user fiendly tips to create a website

7 Tactics to Create an User-Friendly and Creative Website

7 user fiendly tips to create a website

When we land on a web page, beautifully designed and colorful, we think that we are in the most creatively developed website we have ever seen. But within a minute, our perception can change if we notice that we are not getting the exact information we are looking for. Then what we do? We abandon the page and never think of visiting the same website.

There are web designers who often think that they have perhaps created the most nicely designed website. But they don’t know that even a nicely designed website can’t impress people if they are not user-friendly and responsive. What if someone face problems in navigating the pages or product catalogues? All efforts and time will be in vain if a designer fails to create a smart responsive website.

Website is not loading properly… think something different!

Almost half of online traffic deserts your website if it takes several minutes to load. No one will wait for minutes to see a single page. Why this happens? Use of large graphics and the server problem can be the two major reasons for slow loading time. Hence, a designer must reduce the use of heavy graphics and have the pages load in stages. This will increase the speed of loading time.

The text alignment in a web page has to be smart!

When people visit a website the initial thing they do is to scan the content to get the requisite information they are hunting for. There are many website which arrange content in either ‘Z’ format or in ‘F’ format. This means the most important vital information should be kept either on top, in the middle or at the left bottom of the page.

Negative space is fine space!

There are sites where you will notice empty spaces. There could be several reasons to do this. Being a designer, you don’t have to bother much about this as at times these spaces are considered to be good.

Avoid using ‘Hamburger Button’

A lot of website designers have started using this strategy. But there are many others who don’t even heard of this, especially the inexperienced ones. You can add emoticons and several other user-friendly buttons to make a website a perfect ecommerce site.

Monotony… Stay out of it!

Don’t just keep on adding content, images or graphics for the sake of adding them. Sometimes, unwanted content creates monotony. Try to avoid such thing. It is important to create a website which is interesting, informative and presentable. Feed every page with relevant information. The content has to be unique and correct. No one would entertain repeated content.

But that doesn’t mean that you start using different fonts and colors. It will be a mess if you try even for once.

Add colors to your website!

Colors do speak and help in expressing thoughts. Designers must be aware while using colors, especially, font colors, images and themes. A nicely themed website is always a darling for online traffic. It is also important that whatever color is chosen must go well with the business theme.

Add spice to a website by incorporating videos!

People love to watch videos and designers love to add them in websites. Sounds interesting!

But why will we add videos?

  • Videos help in increasing conversion rates of landing pages by 80%
  • Videos boost online engagement by 22%
  • 92% of mobile users prefer to share videos if they find them interesting

Closing Words

The speed at which the website designing genre is going through, we are expecting more new and innovative ideas to create customized and creative websites. In fact, designers are always hunting for new techniques and tools to get the most perfect design and templates. So, if you want to have a chic website for your business, start your expedition to find the most skilled designers, now!


Creative and responsive websites can help in grabbing attention of online traffic which ultimately helps in getting prospects. For a normal person, it seems to be an easy task. But the scenario is something different. With continuously changing tactics and platforms, website designers often find the task of creating impressive and user-friendly websites a little tough. However, following certain tactics, the same difficult task can become easy and fun.