Ecommerce trend in 2016

7 Significant E-Commerce SEO Trends to be witnessed in 2016

Ecommerce trend in 2016

It has been proven that no other websites other than e-commerce websites get the maximum benefits out of SEO as it allows direct customer transactions. If an e-commerce website is thoroughly optimized using all the latest search engine techniques, then we can witness a pretty interesting traffic report. Most interestingly, one can optimize specific or target product pages to funnel traffic.

The good thing is that SEO is an evolving process. New ideas and technologies along with best practices can help the website owner get the maximum traffic resulting to maximum ROI. Stay ahead in the competition with all the latest trends in the field of e-commerce SEO.

Exceptional and new-fangled SEO is better than ever

Search engine optimization process is a rapidly changing process. One must have a thorough knowledge of all the latest technologies and tools used to optimize websites and improve search results. Some innovative and unique SEO activities and tools can help you get unbelievable results. Today, you will find numerous apps; plugins and tools which can help you optimize websites, blog pages and even image files in the most proficient manner. These products are really tempting and people are enjoying using them.

Long and heavy content is critical

Even a year ago, we have seen small product specific content in most e-commerce websites. We used to see a title, short product information and an image. This is for all the products displayed in the product catalogue. But this isn’t working now. Search engine is demanding more and hence we have to put stress on long, informative or descriptive content. Such content provides a detailed overview of each and every product and hence grab the customers’ attention.

Sharing makes all the difference

Social media has been playing a major role in sharing thoughts and other information. As per a recent study, it has been observed that almost 96% of social media users rely on shared information in various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, MySpace, Instagram, SnapChat and Foursquare. Most business owners believe that sharing product information and business news on various social media sites will boost their online visibility and thus increase the number of clients. Share relevant information and keep your posts interactive.

Video…video… and video – the most talked about content of the time

With the rising popularity of mobile devices and Wi-Fi technology, sharing images and videos has become a trend among young generation. It has been observed that there is a subsequent rise in video sharing over any other content form. Business owners must take this advantage and share videos on their products and services to get traffic. If you are not using video content on your product pages and in your business blog, you are by now behind the times.

Mobile optimizations is a must thing to avoid penalties

With Google’s Mobilegeddon update, getting a mobile responsive website is a must thing to do. Mobile optimization is about offering the unsurpassed content and friendly experience to all mobile users, who grow in numbers compared to desktop users.

Voice search and digital assistance – new feathers in SEO crown

Just a few years ago, it was really difficult to find a place or product. But now, with options like voice search and digital assistance, the same task has become so easy. Now, it is the role of SEO professionals to incorporate these advanced features and codes to the website and enable others to use this facility in the right manner.

Local search is on high priority

Local SEO has been under scrutiny even a few years ago. But today, without any doubt, it is the most discussed topic in the world of search engine optimization. People are focusing more on local searches than nationwide or global searches. It is really helping e-commerce clients to locate clients and analyze from where most traffic are generating to their websites. This is simple science and magic of Google!

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