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5 Fundamental Steps towards Google’s “Mobile First” Indexing

With so many branded smartphones all around, we can easily say that it is the perfect time to go MOBILE! It has been a decade or so that has made us familiar with modern day mobile apps and software which are used for multiple reasons. In fact, mobile is the main concern for even search engine giant, Google to track mobile traffic in the most efficient manner.

Till date, Google has been indexing website pages as desktop browsers view them. However, with new “mobile first” approach, the search engine giant will start indexing website pages as mobile phones display them. This is really an outstanding step to analyze mobile traffic and the visits and other things can be easily calculated on the basis of mobile search results. As we are using our smartphones to work online the most, Google gives an indication that it will track every record of mobile searches and rank websites accordingly.

Check your website’s mobile ranking

You must look at your website ranking in Google’s mobile search result pages which will indicate your website’s overall performance and how much it is susceptible to lose traffic. You must keep on reading about all updates happening in the mobile indexing field to improve rankings.

Mobile Ranking

Make your mobile website accessible

There are many websites where you will find hidden content or pages. Don’t do this mistake. Keep your mobile website accessible to all and allow every page to index. Too many pop-ups might damage your site’s reputation and might get penalized by Google.

accessable website

Keep your mobile website responsive

Responsive mobile design permits for the most excellent user experience across the many mobile, tablet and desktop displays. It settles in the page, and allows a single URL for mobile and desktop versions of the website. If you have not altered to responsive mobile design, ask your website designing firm for a list of great web designers.

Responisve site

Fast navigation

Speed on mobile is reasonably imperative. Research has shown that 40% of customers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. Wireless internet connections are typically not nearly as fast as wired connections that desktop users experience. Optimizing image file sizes and resolutions has not been this significant since the days of the modem.

Do not muddle up AMP

Staying at the forefront of the curve takes lead of the best opportunities: Being the first among your opponents to put into practice mobile-friendly, mobile responsive, schema and AMP creates web traffic. Simply don’t divert your plan and mess up with AMP or else your site’s traffic will fall.


With these 5 essential tips, you will surely be lead and do better business that your competitors. Google will keep on changing algorithms and it is you, who has to stay updated and alter your mobile website optimization strategies.

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